Ultra Maniac (Dub)

* Based on Yoshizumi Wataru`s shoujo manga, serialised in Ribon.Nina Sakureiru, a witch from the Magic Kingdom, flunked magic school and was thus sent to Earth to improve her magic skills. There she quite literally bumps into the cool Tateishi Ayu, member of the tennis club, admired by her classmates, and also attends Hideo Middle School. Ayu soon finds out about Nina`s secret identity as a witch, and they become best friends.Life for both girls in eighth grade is far from simple though: Ayu has a crush on Kaji Tetsushi, the up-and-coming ace of the baseball team, but simply cannot confess her love to him. Nina on the other hand becomes fond of the reserved yet reliable Tsujiai Hiroki, also a member of the tennis club, even though she is already promised to someone in the Magic Kingdom. And to further complicate things, Nina`s magic experiments tend to backfire… she is, after all, still a young witch in training.— written by foo2

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